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Homeric Multitext Envy

February 28, 2010

Harvard’s Center for Hellenistic Studies has unveiled The Homer Multitext Project.

The Homer Multitext project, the first of its kind in Homeric studies, seeks to present the textual transmission of the Iliad and Odyssey in a historical framework. Such a framework is needed to account for the full reality of a complex medium of oral performance that underwent many changes over a long period of time. These changes, as reflected in the many texts of Homer, need to be understood in their many different historical contexts. The Homer Multitext provides ways to view these contexts both synchronically and diachronically.

While the project still seems to be in beta, its goals are laudable. Unfortunately, it also provides another instance of envy for those of us who deal in more fragmentary literary traditions. Again it is with envy that I stare at the resources of my colleagues who study those texts on the other side of the wine-dark sea.


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