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Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVI is up

December 1, 2008

carnivalJim West has posted Biblical Studies Carnival XXXVI. Apparently Jim’s lawyer required him to place a snarkiness disclaimer before the business of the day, but it’s obvious that the disclaimer is made in bad faith [smirk].

Additionally, NT Wrong has posted November’s Top 50 Bibloblogs. I now register number 40 on said list, a place I owe largely to my posting of Pardee’s transcription of the Kuttamuwa Inscription. I will display the acompanying cheesy graphic with pride until I drop off the list and back to the relative obscurity befitting a specialist in Ugaritic and ritual studies.

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  1. danielandtonya permalink
    December 1, 2008 7:32 pm

    Congrats Jim. Plan on branding yourself with NT Wrong’s Top 50 logo?

    I still don’t see the emo-ness of the site.

    much love to you and sarah!

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