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April 1st Sales at Eisenbrauns

April 1, 2008

Click here for info on Eisenbrauns’ now famous April 1st sale. This year my favourite would have to be that all-time greatest band, Nuzi and the Hurrians:

Nuzi and the Hurrians

Nuzi and the Hurrians
Greatest Hits Collection

Winged Bull Press, 2008
List Price: $19.98
Your Price: $17.98


Now with all the hits:

Hurrian Slow
Sweet Home Anatolia
Amarna Letters (Made You Cry)
Mari, Mari, Quite Contrari
Ya Had Me at Yamhad
Knock, knocking on Hatti’s door

… and all the Songs of Ullikumi!

This rare collection was recently uncovered in a controlled archaeological dig, so there is no doubt of its authenticity! Nuzi fans will definitely want to complete their collection with this digitally remastered* compilation!

Also available on vinyl LP, 8-track, and clay tablet.

Look for Nuzi and the Hurrians this Spring, on tour with The Mesopotamians.

*The scribe managed to get all five fingers into the transcription.

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  1. Erik permalink
    April 1, 2008 11:45 pm

    thank you so much for the reminder. gets me to wondering, maybe I ought to build a cuneiform clay-typewriter

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