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Random Ugaritic Error

January 9, 2010

Yesterday I was reading John J. Collin’s thoughts on the biblical book of Job in his Introduction to the Hebrew Bible and noticed the following:

In Ezek 14:14 Job is linked with Noah and Danel (Daniel) as legendary righteous men. Noah is a biblical figure but prior to Abraham, and not properly an Israelite. Danel is known from the legend of King Keret in Ugaritic (Canaanite) lore. (508)

Right idea, wrong Ugaritic story. Danel (or more properly, Daniʾil) from Ezek 14:14 is most definitely that of Ugaritic lore and not the late apocalyptic biblical book of Daniel. However, Danel shows up not in the legend of Kirtu (Keret) but in the tale of Aqhat. This error managed to make it into Collin’s Short Introduction to the Hebrew Bible as well (page 257).

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