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Biblical Studies Carnival XXXV is up

November 1, 2008

Duane Smith’s Abnormal Interests is hosting Biblical Studies Carnival XXXV.

Duane brings his usual abnormal perspective to this undertaking by including wonderful pix for each category and using clear methodological principles:

I consistently relied on two well known and equally well developed decision making methods. I was capricious and I was arbitrary.

How abnormally postmodern for one interested in the ancient world!

As an extra bonus also look at the new list of top fifty biblioblogs compiled by NT Wrong. This will obviously be a periodic affair (if the wrong reverend chooses to take that burden upon him).

Unfortunately, I didn’t make this elite list. But given how infrequently I’ve been blogging and how obscure my subject matter, I’m not surprised. Congrats to those who are among the elect.

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