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A Libertarian Tablet

October 22, 2008

The Oct 27th issue of the New Yorker contains an article by Raffi Khatchadourian on the Libertarian candidate Bob Barr. While the article is interesting in and of itself (a darling of the religious right turned libertarian), what struck me most was this little bit:

In his living room, Barr directed me toward a bookcase holding several Presidential biographies and a cuneiform tablet. The tablet was a relic that he and his family had discovered in a pile of ruins in Iraq. “We found it in Babylon,” he said. “I suspect the statute of limitations has run out on it.”

That’s right folks, Bob Barr has a cuneiform tablet in his Atlanta living room.
Personally, I don’t care about statutes of limitation or provenance of the text. I just think that we need to get a couple of photos of that tablet and a good transliteration in a peer-reviewed article.

Any Assyriologists living in the greater Atlanta area want to take this on?

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