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ANE in the MAR of the SBL

August 31, 2008

While I apologies for a title that has more abbreviations in it than a pundit at a political convention, I’d like to put out a specialized call for ancient Near East papers to the Mid Atlantic SBL. Chances are that if you are reading this blog, you have some familiarity with the ANE. If you’re in the Mid Atlantic region, consider submitting a paper.

For those in the Baltimore area, this regional meeting will be local. There’s no reason for folks from Johns Hopkins to wait until the AOS to share research with the scholarly community. U of Penn has oodles of cash to send folks to conferences, so nothing is stopping a cohort of papers coming from there as well.

Obviously, these are only two examples and I don’t mean to slight scholars of the ANE at Princeton, Drew, Villanova, Penn State or the hundreds of other universities, colleges and seminaries in the region. The point is, ANE geeks need to represent.

(For the official call for paper see my previous post.)

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