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A New Hi-Tech Bible Option

June 13, 2007

Over the past month I’ve blogged on my travails in picking the right Bibles and textbooks for a freshman class on introducing the Hebrew Bible. It seems that at least half of my problem could be solved.

Nathan Black reports for The Christian Post:

Jesus-Driven Teens to Spread Gospel with Hi-Tech Bibles

Teens heading off to summer mission trips across the globe this year will be equipped with Bibles more reflective of their digitally-savvy generation as they spread the Good News.

The donation of one hundred hand-held audio GoBibles is part of a new partnership between GoBible, LLC, a media consumer products company with a focus on religion, and Teen Mania Ministries, which sends out thousands of teens to spread the Gospel message.


GoBibles made their debut last September, offering patent-pending technology that allows users to search the Scriptures down to the verse level. It weighs as much as the AAA battery that powers it and features more than 70 hours of audio which were compressed onto a small chip. It is available in the New King James Version or the King James Version.

Does it seem odd to anyone else to come out with a hi-tech Bible like this and then put the most archaic (KJV) and anachronistic (NKJV) translations on it? How many of these teens are even going to understand an audio book of the KJV? The mind boggles.

All that being said, I do have a confession to make. The article doesn’t state who read the text for these audio Bibles; but if it was the Johnny Cash reading of the KJV, I might try to get one.

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